What To Look For In A Reliable Electrician

It is crucial that we keep the electrical system within our homes in top-functioning order and as safe as it can be.  If something were to go wrong, however, it is essential that an expert be called in to work towards an outcome that will be effective and protect you and your family from harm.  The problem is there are so many electricians available in the field, it can be difficult to know which electrical contractor would be the most reliable for your home’s electrical repairs.  You need to have a few guidelines in place as to what to look for when you are doing your research.


– Bonding/License/Insurance. The crucially important thing to look for when you are researching for an electrician is whether or not they have a license.  If they say that they have the license, ask to see it and make sure that it is current as well as verify it online.  This may seem to be extreme but when it comes to your electrical work, it’s a matter of safety.  The electrician having a license shows that they took all of the necessary steps that will allow them to perform the work in a safe manner and correctly.  They need to also carry the necessary insurance for which you should see copies of the current policies to ensure that they have not expired.

– Reasonable.  It is a good idea to always try to get quotes from three different electricians making sure to have clear conversations with each so they know exactly what the job will entail inclusive of what materials will be required.  The quotes should include a breakdown of all of the prices because that will make it so much easier to compare one to the other, but you should never base the decision as to which electrician to use solely on price.  Less does not mean best.

– Credentials.  There are varying degrees of experience within the electrical contractor’s field and there are some who may even have accreditation.  If you have the opportunity to pick an electrician with the title of ‘master’ electrician, this comes with a guarantee that this contractor will have a minimum of three years of working experience and they will need to offer you a warranty of twelve months on their work.  To use a ‘master’ electrician gives you the peace of mind that you are going to be given the utmost in quality of work along with the highest standard when it comes to safety.  There are also electricians who specialize in the area of energy-saving products and technology which is especially important to folks concerned with energy efficiency.

– Demeanor.  It is vital that the electrical contractor that you obtain to perform your electrical work and you be able to get along well together.  This is someone that you may call upon many times to take care of various electrical issues within your home.  You don’t want someone with a negative attitude or a person who does poor work.  You need to pay close attention when the potential contractors show up for the quotes as to whether they are on time and did they call if they were running behind, what they’re demeanor is, professional appearance, and anything else that will put your mind at ease.  You need to feel confident that this is a person who will be able to follow your line of communication throughout the whole project with no threat of any miscommunications.

– References.  Getting a friend or family member who may know the contractor to vouch for them is a priceless endorsement.  Having someone close who talks highly of their work speaks volumes in their favor as far as their quality and level of service.  If you are unable to get this endorsement, see if they will provide names of references from people who have used their services who you can talk to.  They will be able to let you know how reliable, professional, and qualified the contractor is. Researching electrical contractors in this way will surely lead you to the right person for your job and provide you with someone that you can rely on into the future for any electrical issues that come up within your home. Having a dependable contractor to call on for emergencies is invaluable.


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