How To Properly Vet a Plumber Near Me

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Are you searching for a reliable plumber? Maybe you are stressed about a leaky faucet, or you plan to renovate your kitchen or bathroom. If you want the job done without any problem, you must entrust it to an experienced professional plumber. So, how do you get one?

If you are facing plumbing problems, you require fast action. Of course, you must know who to approach. Thinking about the cost of hiring a plumber is only one of the considerations. There are other factors that you must put in mind.

How to Find the Right Plumber

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Usually, homeowners who need to get a pro plumber will ask their family or local friends for suggestions. Doing this will help you identify prospects with a trusted reputation near you.

Of course, there are personal recommendations that are probably not suitable for your project. Also, you must always check the professional’s qualifications.

If you want to verify a plumber’s background, you may begin by checking online directories. They typically have pre-screened professionals who scrutinize reviews about contractors and companies. It is normal to have some negative reviews about a business.

However, if most of the experiences are problematic, you better cross them out from your list. You can get balanced and unbiased feedback from groups or organizations that keep updating their listed pros on the sites.

What else can be done? You can do the following:

1.     Research About the Plumber’s License.

Typically, states control the licensing in professional trades, such as plumbing. To see if a plumber is authorized, you can check the state licensing board. It will help you find out if a person holds a license.

2.     Select between large plumbing companies and independent plumbing contractors.

As you continue to gather more options, you will find out that companies and independent contractors with plumbers are on board. Large businesses usually have a team of pros who can address customers’ problems at any time. Nevertheless, there is a chance that the plumber sent to your house does not hold certifications.

On the other hand, currently licensed independent plumbing contractors are often more experienced. The only problem is they are usually booked up immediately. Typically, the one you choose will depend on your specific need and how quickly it can be done.

What to Ask Before Hiring a Plumber

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On your first call, observe how you feel as you talk to the plumber or staff. Then, come up with a series of questions to ask before hiring someone. These questions will help you get enough information about the contractor or company. Describing your issues as detailed as possible will help too.

It would be best if you found out about the following:

•        Registration, proof of license, and insurance

•        Experience

•        References

•        Payment obligations

What Can Help You Save

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Of course, part of vetting a plumber is finding out how you can save on plumbing. The service costs a lot, but you need it. There are several ways to get the most from your expenses. They can also help you save as much as possible.

1.     Compare Hourly Rates

One of the first things you would want to know when hiring a plumber is their hourly rate. Most people who want to save often choose those with the lowest bid. It may sound good to the ear, but it is not always correct. You must understand that quality comes with a price.

Moreover, when comparing plumbers’ hourly rates, you should not only base on their popularity. Not all well-known companies are credible. There are some with messed-up reputations too. For this reason, it is advisable to check out reviews for pro plumbers through a pre-screened plumbing service.

2.     Reduce the Need for Plumbing Services

Another approach to save on plumbing is by minimizing the need for plumbing services at home. Meaning, you must take care of minor concerns before they get out of hand.

For instance, most plumbing issues have to do with drains. Unfortunately, most customers have several problematic drains at home. You can do something about grease buildup to prevent drain problems, which is the typical source of drained clogs in the kitchen.

To avoid this, you should stop throwing greasy elements into your sink. Furthermore, you must be careful in using cleaning products that could damage the pipework. Yes, hot water helps soften grease and fats down the pipe, yet it is best to ask a plumber before pouring boiling water into the sinks.

Another common plumbing issue at home is related to hair. Usually, hair gathers in the shower drain cover or screen. During your plumbing consult, you better ask professionals for tips on how you can avoid hair clogging in the drain. It is easier to clean the screen than to clear clogged pipes regularly.

Frozen pipes are costly problems as well. Good thing they can be prevented. What you need to do is make sure that the pipes are in warm spaces. You have to keep them properly insulated. Whenever the weather is cold, you can do these:

•             Make sure garden hoses are disconnected and drained

•             Keep the indoor cut-off valve by the faucet turned off

•             Keep the outdoor faucet opened

In case you do not have a cut-off valve, you better have one installed. If your pipes are wet with water and they get exposed to the cold, they can freeze. This threat is not only limited to lines outside of the house. Pipes in your home are vulnerable too.

3.     Purchase Your Plumbing Fixtures

One effective and practical way to save on plumbing expenses is to purchase fixtures on your own. Typically, plumbing companies sell faucets, sinks, and toilets too. They initially get them at discounted prices but will charge their customers full. Plumbers usually do this to earn more money.

Nowadays, though, you can buy fixtures at home center stores at meager prices. For this reason, you should purchase your plumbing supplies than rely on plumbers’. Just keep in mind the following caveats:

•        Be careful in buying fixtures that you consider great buys. Some are actually of low quality.

•        If something wrong happens during the fixture installation, it may be confusing who is at fault—the plumber or you, being the one who bought the products. It is best to ask for brand recommendations from the plumber before purchasing anything.

•        Each product brand or line has installation oddities. That is why it is best to select a fixture that is also your plumber’s choice to maximize the professional’s experience and expertise.

4.     Decrease the Professional’s Chargeable Time in Your Home

The more time the plumber stays in your house, the higher the fee you will have to pay. Therefore, please do what you can to help them begin working quickly. It can save you a lot of money. Before hiring a plumber, check all fixtures and faucets in your house. Then, list down all clogs, runs, and drips.

See to it that all the plumbing issues will be covered all at once. Multiple visits will cost you additional transportation and consultation charges. 

Here are some of the tips you can do to shorten the plumber’s visit to your home:

•        Organize the specific concerns to be addressed before they come.

•        If you are not sure about the plumbing issue, be prepared to tell them the symptoms.

•        Keep the work area clean.

•        Offer to clean the area on your own after they have finished with their work.

5.     Have Water-Saving Fixtures Installed

Sewage and water treatments are costly. Also, the amount to pay will be dependent on your usage. By decreasing water consumption, it will be easier to save on both concerns. Therefore, if you have an old toilet that requires too much water, consider replacing it.

Do not settle with spending a lot of money on regular repairs. Instead, invest in dependable fixtures to help you save more money. This is also applicable to shower heads and faucets. Whenever these fixtures require attention, think about opting for replacement. You can find new and upgraded water-saving units.

6.     Renovate Smart

Do you plan to remodel your kitchen or toilet? If yes, see to it that you get at least three quotes from plumbing contractors or companies. Expect that each team will give you a different suggestion. Be wise enough to listen to all reasons and suggestions. Then, decide by considering which idea has the most sense.

Another tip is to get a fixed rate for the work. Furthermore, ensure that the model numbers are mentioned in the contracts. Be aware that in case the plumber installs a fixture different than your expectation, there is a possibility that they will pay for the replacement.

Hire Professional Plumbers – Avoid Scams

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Knowing how to hire professional plumbers will not only help you save money. In addition, it can help you avoid being scammed. Beware of fake plumbers who will not only cost you much but who might also put your household in danger. Make sure to hire a trustworthy professional.


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