How To Find A Reliable Locksmith Near Me

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It is expected that one day you will need locksmith services. For example, you could lock yourself out of your house, lose your car keys, or need some key replacement or duplication. That is why you must know how to find a reliable locksmith near you.

However, just like with any profession, there are also scammers pretending to be locksmiths. Unfortunately, instead of helping you, they could only worsen the problem. For instance, these ‘technicians’ might destroy locks, sell your house’s information to robbers, or charge you unreasonably high fees.

Good thing, there are places where the governments require locksmiths to be licensed. A professional and licensed technician can be trusted. For this reason, you do not have to worry about the security and safety of your home and loved ones.

Tips in Finding a Professional Locksmith

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There will be instances that you will be locked in your car, or your keys will be left inside your vehicle locked. In this incident, the first thing you have to do is call the insurance company of your car. They may recommend you locksmith services as part of its advantages.

Like other services, you may also ask people you know for references that can help you find a great, licensed locksmith. Even the reviews on social media can help you get what you need.

Ask Before You Hire

Before hiring a locksmith, it is best if you ask a few questions. Here are some of them:

•       Check if he is a licensed locksmith. You may verify it online.

•       Have thorough research about the company. You may verify using your local Better Business Bureau or visit a local BBB office near you.

•     The dispatcher must give an estimate of the charges when you call for locksmith services.

Be Alert

Upon hiring a locksmith, ask first for his license. They are required to carry a permit in a pocket-sized version. If you think something is going wrong, immediately stop the operation. If the locksmith still wants to continue the process or ask for a charge for showing up, call the police right away.

Ask for a receipt that includes the locksmith’s company name, local address, and phone number. Also, be particular about the cost of all parts, services, and the total fee charged on the receipt.

 10 Things to Consider In Hiring A Good Locksmith

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Without a doubt, it is necessary to hire a good locksmith. However, a poorly skilled or non-licensed locksmith may leave the work unfinished when you hire an unskilled one. Here are the nine things to consider in hiring a good locksmith.

Know What the Locksmith Can Offer You

Decide what kind of service you need from the locksmith. When you call for a locksmith, make sure that he can perform the service that you need. Usually, these services are:

•             Mechanical or electronic lock installation for residential and commercial properties

•             Key-changing or changing of locks

•             Lock repair

•             Making key duplicate

•             Electronic access card and key fobs replacement

•             Supplying, installing, and servicing high-security locks and doors

•             Fixing tool components of keyless, biometric, or access control system

•             Response for lockout or broken locks

Find a 24-Hour Service

Necessarily, a good locksmith offers 24 hours service. Hire a locksmith that provides this kind of service. You never know when you may need the services in some instances. Like, no one knows when an incident may happen. You may need assistance in the early morning or the middle of the night.

 Ask for Recommendations

In finding a professional locksmith, ask for recommendations from your family and friends. Locksmith is quite common for everyone, and it is good to have a similar locksmith company hired by your peers.

Choose the Best Option

Research about locksmith companies and choose the best one. When selecting the best one, ask for their best services to meet your needs and satisfaction. Be connected with the Better Business Bureau and read customer reviews online.

Must Employ Safety Practices

Watch out and beware of illegitimate locksmiths. Observe the process of how the locksmith acts and operates. A genuine, trusted, licensed locksmith should first ask your identification and questions that prove that you own the house or car. Also, a quick show-up and fast-fixing operation are not always safety practices employed by a locksmith. So, beware.

Provides Multiple Services

Locksmiths that offer multiple services are good points. Different lock services such as auto and residential are worth looking for a locksmith. Though, you cannot exactly tell what you may need from a locksmith for a specific time. A more skilled locksmith, the more service you get satisfied.

Trust Your Gut Feel

Judge the locksmith based on his appearance. If there will be a time when you feel uncomfortable with the person working for your car or house, call for a guard or ask your friend to accompany you. It is best to make sure that you and your family are in safe hands.

Check Rates

To avoid non-licensed locksmiths or scammers, note the quote of their company. Some locksmiths may ask for an additional charge or require other fees. In this case, they do not follow their standard prices. If this happens, you may file a complaint against the locksmith to the company and not hire them anymore.

Compare Prices and Services

When researching different locksmith companies, you should also include their rates. In that way, you can compare the prices and services of each company. Finding the cheapest company is fine, but the quality of services must not be compromised.

Search Online

If you have not found a good locksmith, you may use the internet to find one. There are many good locksmiths online, and choose what you think is the best one.

7 Signs of An Untrustworthy Locksmith

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Avoid scammers who pretend to be professional locksmiths. They would commonly show the following red flags:

  1. Suspicious Ads

Indeed, low prices are good points – but if you think the price is too suspicious and does not fit its services, beware! Likewise, be vigilant if the ad is too cheap or does not match the type of service offered.

Fake locksmiths show ads that offer cheap rates and charges to mesmerize potential customers by its lowest price. However, you might only get disappointing services. Or, in some cases, ads may offer low rates, but when the locksmith arrives, you suddenly find out about additional hidden charges.

  • Business Name and Services are Unclear

When you ask for service in a call, they will not immediately tell the business name.   Instead, they would only say “locksmith” or “service.” Afterward, they will tell you the price quote, which is very low, and add the phrase “and up.” If you encounter this kind of call, avoid it.

Locksmiths cannot stay in business by charging a customer very cheap rates. Also, the “and up” could be mean hundreds or thousands of dollars and more than the stated price.

  •   Slow Customer Service

Another sign that the locksmith is a fraud is if it takes them a long time before they reach your home, despite promising a certain amount of time. Maybe they are not as close to your home as they wanted you to believe.

  •  Lack of Consistency

If the locksmith appears at your door without wearing a uniform or probably does not show any ID, you must be suspicious. Or maybe the vehicle they use does not display any signage or mark that says it belongs to the locksmith’s company.

  •      They Make Excuses

A fraud locksmith would not have the skills and knowledge that the pros have. That is why they would make excuses why they cannot solve problems.

For instance, they might not be able to pick your lock because it is a “commercial lock” or a “high-security lock.” For this reason, they would suggest drilling it instead. Your safety will be destroyed, and they will replace it with a cheaper one that is overpriced.

  •  Inexperienced Locksmith

Be suspicious if the technician cannot even fix a jammed lock. It would also be fun for a ‘professional’ locksmith to be damaging a wave or a door or getting confused with their tools. These would prove that they are inexperienced.

  •  Does Not Accept Credit Card Payments

A fake technician would only accept cash payment or via a debit card transaction. Nevertheless, they will avoid paying through credit cards because they do not want to be traced easily.

Be Wise in Choosing Your Locksmith

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To avoid being scammed, you should know what to look for in a locksmith. You can ask for recommendations from colleagues, friends, and family too. They probably know a dependable company is providing locksmith services. See to it that you only hire someone reputable and trustworthy.


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