How To Choose A Good Handyman

For a lot of homeowners, it’s difficult to admit when they have reached a point where small renovations have become too much for them to handle by themselves or maybe they simply don’t have the time to do the work. Sometimes it’s necessary to call in someone with a bit more knowledge to take care of those things in order to save from making them into bigger and more costly repairs down the road.  

Homeowners typically have a tried and true handyman who steps in at this point and takes care of more difficult home projects until completion.  A handyman can quickly help eliminate your to-do list of small household repairs and, in some instances, they can take on some of the larger, major renovations as well. 

If you are a new homeowner who doesn’t already have a handyman lined out, you don’t want to just hire anyone.  This person is going to have access to your home, not to mention, could overcharge you or perform shoddy work.  A good handyman will give you a high-quality job at a reasonable cost and have respect for you as well as your household.


Researching for a good handyman takes a bit of time in order that you get a valuable person who can stay with you for the duration of the time that you are in your home.  This is someone that you want to be able to rely on whenever anything happens within the household that you can’t personally take care of, someone that you can trust introducing into your environment a lot of times when you may not be there.  Your research should be thorough and in depth.

– Family/friends.  If you have family or friends who live close to you, they may have someone who is established that works with them as their handyman.  This is the perfect opportunity to get a person that would either be highly recommended for your job or else be warned against using.  You will know, however, that whatever feedback you get is going to be truthful, worthy of following through on, and may land you the perfect handyman.

– Online.  Researching online is another great place to find reliable handyman services.  You will have access to customer reviews and the ability to contact references of folks who have used the services of the person, which is a good way to assess the quality  as well as the value of the handyman’s work.

– Estimates.  Once you have a few good possible candidates that interest you, it’s important that you select at least three to bring to your home who can give you bids on your project.  Most important, you can determine how you will get along with the person and how punctual they may be.  The lowest bid is not necessarily always the finest indication of who will be the best handyman for you.

– Insurance.  Handymen don’t typically need to be licensed and they also generally don’t need to be bonded on small home renovation jobs.  You do want to be sure that the handyman has insurance, some type of liability insurance is crucial along with workers’ comp, particularly if the handyman is going to employ workers with him.  These types of insurance will protect you as the homeowner if any type of accident occurs on your property.

– Contract.  Even if the handyman is doing a very small project for you, you should always have some type of contract outlining the work that will be done.  This is especially important in case they fail to perform the work that they were hired to do.  It also gives you and the handyman a clear guideline of exactly what you have both agreed to.


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