3 Tips On Choosing The Best Nursery Near Me

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Nowadays, most kids begin their school experience through a preschool or nursery program just before kindergarten. Without a doubt, these programs provide benefits that will serve as a foundation for children’s quality education.

However, it is challenging to look for the best nursery program near you with so many options around. There are also many factors to consider to ensure that you choose the right nursery school for your toddler.

To make it easier, here are some tips that may help you evaluate the nursery choices for your child.

Understand What You Want Your Kid To Learn From The Experience

Being the parent, you best know what your child needs. Also, you indeed have various reasons for deciding to enroll your kid in a preschool or nursery program.

If you are searching for a program that will give your kid an academic head start, you must evaluate your choices through a theoretical lens. For instance, what preschool skills does the nursery curriculum focus on? Will the program teaches kids the basics of mathematics, writing, and pre-reading? Or do they include unique topics such as foreign languages and sciences?

If you aim for your toddler’s social and emotional growth, you will have to evaluate a program from a social perspective. How do they facilitate community building and social skill development? How can the curriculum help boost your child’s confidence? Or does the program teach kids how to deal with the usual childhood experiences of conflict and frustration?

Meanwhile, finding a program that fits your schedule is necessary if your concern is high-quality childcare during your work hours.

Find a School with Values that Are Same as Yours

If strong moral values and faith are vital for you, you better enroll your kid in a nursery that reinforces such values. You can check out the mission and vision of the school. Moreover, evaluate how their curriculum integrates the values and principles into daily lessons.

Look for values-based preschool programs in your community. You can also ask for recommendations from your friends, colleagues, and family members. Of course, it would be best to ask someone who shares your values and principles.

Prioritize Both Physical and Emotional Security

When you send your youngster to a nursery program while you are gone for work, it means you trust the institution. The most important consideration when choosing a nursery near you is the safety of your kid.

To ensure your child’s emotional and physical safety, you must carefully check the preschool program of your choice. In addition, you should evaluate the school’s safety standards, emergency processes, and security protocols.

Always remember that both physical and emotional safety is non-negotiable. You can raise questions, such as how the teachers cultivate a culture of respect and kindness. It is also advisable to observe the kids in the program. Do they look happy to be in the facility?

The teachers must provide a social program that promotes the nursery school’s purpose: to teach children to be good friends, interact in a group, and deal with their frustrations and conflicts.

Qualities to Look For in Nursery Programs

The following qualities are observed in good preschool or nursery programs. Before deciding where to enroll your kid, you must consider these factors:

  1. Preschools with Good Reputation

Recommendations and praises can help narrow down your search for the best nursery school for your child. In addition, you better consult your reliable friends about their children’s nursery experiences. You can also join social media groups that focus on young children’s well-being.

Here are some of the questions you can ask:

•             Is your kid happy going to that school?

•             Do they share with you the new things they learned from school?

•             Why do you like that school?

•             Are the teachers nurturing and experienced?

•             Does the school effectively communicate with the parents?

•             Is the preschool program academic-based, play-based, or both?

•             Does the program offer extras? Like, do they teach art, nature education, languages, music, etc.?

In addition, it is also advisable to ask your friends about the nursery’s reaction towards the COVID-19 crisis. Knowing their response to the pandemic can help you scrutinize your choice further. For example, you can ask the following questions:

•             Has the school successfully organized a plan of action as a response to the pandemic?

•             Do you think the school successfully communicated with the parents as things unfolded?

•             Did they offer a distance learning option, and if yes, how did it go?

•             What is the school’s plan for the upcoming year, considering that the pandemic is not over yet?

  1. Provides a Comforting and Warm Environment

Preschool or nursery is usually a kid’s first experience being away from their parents and home. Therefore, it is vital to know that you and the teachers can cooperate in caring for your kid.

You can try visiting the school premises while they are in session. This will allow you to witness firsthand how they operate and care for the students. In addition, you can observe how the teachers and students interact with each other. How about the classroom feel? Is it safe, fun, and engaging?

Getting the answers to these questions is essential, mainly because parents now deal with more anxiety and stress.

  1. Qualified and Passionate Teachers

Qualified, caring, and passionate teachers must be a priority too. More than the facilities, the school’s administration and teachers that create the program matter.

It is not enough that you choose a school that hires qualified and highly trained teachers. Having passionate teachers is a huge asset for a school since not all qualified faculty can be inspirational.

When visiting the nurseries and preschools included in your list, look for teachers who talk respectfully and kindly with the students. Usually, these are the educators who care about your child’s welfare and future success. They will do their best to keep their students healthy and happy while in their care.

Here are some of the essential qualities that a great nursery or preschool teacher exhibits:

•             Enthusiasm

•             Dedication

•             Experience

•             Creativity

•             Warm personality

•             Sense of humor

•             Great communication skills

•             Passion

You can also ask the teachers and staff the following questions:

•             How long have you been a teacher here?

•             What do you love the most about teaching in this school?

•             Why do you like teaching preschool or nursery?

  1. Promotes Active Learning

Young kids best learn by experiencing or doing things, such as through play and discovery. In the academic setup, this is called “hands-on learning” or “active learning.” Nurturing this kind of learning is one of the traits of an excellent nursery or preschool program.

What is critically essential to young students? They need much time for exploring nature, dance, music, outdoor play, reading, and arts and crafts. A solid foundation of education requires exposing the kid to writing and reading.

Moreover, playing allows the children’s curiosity to unfold, while they must learn problem-solving skills and empathy as young as they are. A great nursery teaches other pre-academic skills, including fine motor skills, body coordination, recognizing shapes and colors, and counting.

Your child will develop a love for the school and the joy of learning in the right environment.

  1. Child-Friendly Facilities

The nursery campus should also be one of your considerations in choosing the best nursery. Of course, you would surely go for engaging and safe facilities due to several reasons.

First of all, the safety and health of your kid are the priority. It must be the school’s priority too. As a parent, it is normal for you to look for a school with regularly updated facilities. It must have teachers and staff who are well-trained in implementing safety measures too.

You must also study the school’s resources. Of course, it will be best to enroll your child in a school with modern classrooms with the latest tools, gadgets, and screens. They can help teach kids more effectively. Just make sure that these resources are used correctly.

It is also necessary to check on the facilities through the hygiene and health perspective. For example, are the seating areas divided in the classroom? Do they regularly disinfect the classrooms and toys? Are the rooms adequately ventilated? These questions will help you decide whether the school values kids’ health as much as you do.

What if the school offers outdoor education? It would be great since your little one can learn more through it. Find a program that allows students to explore gardens and get to know animals personally. Letting children get their hands dirty can help improve brain function and health.

Your Child Deserves Nothing Short of the BEST

The preschool and nursery years are the steppingstones for your kid’s journey. Therefore, it is crucial to enroll your sweetheart in a suitable program. May these tips help you find the best nursery near your home to ensure your child’s welfare even while you are gone for hours.


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